Mad Rocket: Fog of War Wiki

In Chests, there are various parts that can upgrade arms. you should open them and collect parts.


Free Chest

  • The Free chest is available once in every four hours.
  • You can receive three chests within 24 hours. It is reset at every midnight, GMT +0.
  • Free chest contains parts needed to upgrade arms.
  • Depending on your commander level, the kind of part that you can receive is determined.

Victory Chest: Common, Rare, Epic

  • When you win a battle in the Multiplayer mode, you can obtain a Victory Chest based on the battle results.
  • The grade of the chest varies by the number of war stars you get. In other words, a player winning with three war stars will get better parts than the player winning with one star.

Stage Chest

  • If you have cleared each stage with three war stars in the Campaign mode, you will get a Stage Chest. 
  • Stage chest can be taken only once at each stage.