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"Look! We've found a new upgrade material! It takes a long time to make this but we will keep researching how to produce them more efficiently!"

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General Information

  • Cube Factory continuously produces Energy Cube until it reaches its storage capacity. Therefore, you have to periodically collect the Energy Cube produced to store them in the Cube Storage.
  • When a Cube Factory is destroyed in a battle, 50% of the uncollected Energy Cube will be taken by enemy. It's mean, any Cube Factory with much uncollected Energy Cube is more likely to draw enemy attention.
  • When you upgrade your Cube Factory, any uncollected Energy Cube will be automatically saved. However, if the Cube Storage is full at this moment, the uncollected Energy Cube will be lost. 
  • Cube Factory stops producing Energy Cube during its upgrade.
  • The hourly Energy Cube production rate of a base depends on the level of its Cube Factory. In other words, the higher the Cube Factory level, the higher the hourly Energy Cube production rate.