Cube Storage

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"A special storage where you can keep your CUBE while preserving its conditions"

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General Information

  • The Cube Storage is where you can stack your Energy Cube earned by looting, producing, etc. You can withdraw it whenever you need it.
  • Unlike Cube Factory, the Cube Storage can still function normally during its upgrade.
  • When a Cube Storage is destroyed in a battle, all the Energy Cube in the storage will be taken by the enemy.
  • Since it can store tons of Energy Cube, it is one of the buildings that should be protected in a battle.
  • You can lower the rate of Cubes that can be looted by building a Vault and upgrading it.
  • The Energy Cube storage capacity of your base depends on the Cube Storage level. It means that you can store more Energy Cube when your Cube Storage level is higher.
  • If you have multiple Cube Storages in your base, Energy Cube will be properly distributed among the storages in consideration of their levels.
  • If Cube Storages are full, any extra Energy Cube you loot will be lost.

Cube Blossom

  • The greatest achievement of the scientists after a lengthy research on Eternium was the discovery of a purple material, which is called the "Energy Cube". The technology applied to the Floating Islands has been immensely improved since the discovery. People call this era the "Cube Blossom".
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