Mad Rocket: Fog of War Wiki

-MRFOW101- Unveiling the Dark Fog - The Basics

"Eternium, the mysterious material, emits fine mist when it is crystallized. The scientists developed a devise that can protect the base from radical change in environment or enemy attack. It is called Dark Fog!"

General Information

  • The attacker cannot predict the defensive disposition of the defender unless he unveil Dark Fog.
  • The Dark Fog will be partially clear away when:
    • Rocket missiles hit the target area
    • Aircrafts start attacking on targeted area
    • After Ground troops drop to the ground safely from dropship, and start exploring.
    • When the enemies’ HQ is destroyed, the fog will be cleared all at once.

Strategies with the Dark Fog
  • The Dark Fog: Explore the Hidden Base
    • The unique feature "Dark Fog" is added to enhance the excitement of the game play. Inspired by the fog of war, the concept of the Dark Fog was created.
  • The Dark Fog and You as a Defender
    • The Dark Fog makes your defensive buildings invisible from enemies’ sights, making it challenging for invaders to locate where your important buildings are. Remember, your defenses do not attack certain units on certain conditions and they do not cover the whole base since they have limited attack range. As a defender, it is important to place your defenses and resource buildings where the opponent will have difficulties destroying them.
      • Tip – place your resource buildings in far behind the back or on the edge of your base to avoid being exposed too soon.
  • The Dark Fog and You as an Attacker
    • Since your enemies’ bases are covered with the Dark Fog, their defensive buildings will not be visible until you dispatch your ground troops, Aircrafts or use Rocket Missiles to explore the hidden area. When you’re dispatching your units or launch rocket missiles, you want to be careful not to be shoot down by Air Defense in the air. It will only be a waste of your Battle Points if they don’t land successfully. Strategize and come up with your own winning tactics – Would you destroy defenses first for your troops to land safely? Or would you only look for the resource buildings for looting?