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"To use them as energy, we must refine them to Eternium. The thing is, it takes long time to refine them. It's a quite a demanding task."

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General Information

  • Eternium Drill produces Eternium until it reaches its storage capacity. Therefore, you want to collect the produced Eternium periodically to store them safe in the Eternium Storage.
  • When a Eternium Drill is destroyed in a battle, 50% of the uncollected Eternium will be taken by enemy. This means any Eternium Drills with much uncollected Eternium is more likely to draw enemy attention.
  • When you upgrade your Eternium Drill, any uncollected Eternium will be automatically saved. However, if the Eternium Storage is full at the moment of upgrade, the uncollected Eternium will be lost.
  • Eternium Drill stops producing Eternium when its being upgraded.
  • The hourly Eternium production rate of the Eternium Drill depends on its level. In other words, the higher level of the Eternium drill, the higher the hourly production rate will be.