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"A very sturdy storage where we store our ETERNIUM. We are currently looking for a better way to maximize the storage space."

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General Information

  • The Eternium Storage is where you can stack your Eternium earned by looting, producing, etc. You can withdraw it whenever you need it.
  • Unlike Eternium Drill, the Eternium Storage can still function normally during its upgrade.
  • When a Eternium Storage is destroyed in a battle, all the Eternium in the storage will be taken by the enemy.
  • Since it can store tons of Eternium, it is one of the buildings that should be protected in a battle.
  • You can lower the rate of Eternium that can be looted by constructing a Vault and upgrading it.
  • The Eternium storage capacity of your base depends on the Eternium Storage level. It means that you can store more Eternium when your Eternium Storage level is higher.
  • If you have multiple Eternium Storages in your base, Eternium will be properly distributed among the storages in consideration of their levels.
  • If Eternium Storages are full, any extra Eternium you loot will be lost.

The origin of Eternium

  • Many assumed that the asteroid collision(called "Giant Impact") would only bring the end of the world, but it also brought an unexpected gift for people on Earth. The air substance of the asteroid when combined with the earth environment have produced Eeternium—the metagalactic mineral. Scientists who remained on Earth, rebelling against Ben Locker’s relocation project to the moon, studied Eternium and finally figured out how to properly use it. After a long period of study, Floating Islands, powered by Eternium, have begun to float above the surface of Earth devastated by the Giant Impact.