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General Information
  • It is completely helpless against any attack of Air Defenses until troops are dropped onto the target spot. However, once they land on the ground, they will swarm all over the battlefield just like wild jaguars.
  • You can freely deploy your troops anywhere on the enemy map. However, a troop can be attacked by Air Defenses or Hybrid Defenses before they lay their feet on the ground. Therefore, you need to deploy them to a safer place to begin with.
  • All troops use dropships for transportation to reach their designated spots.
  • A Dropship that carries a troop can be attacked both by Air Defenses and Hybrid Defenses.
  • A troop that has reached their destination point and being dropped can be attacked by Hybrid Defenses.
  • The Movement Speed and Health of a Dropship are based on the level of the troops inside.

-MRFOW101- Ground Attack Units - The Basics


-MRFOW101- Aircraft in Action! - The Basics

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