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"The 'heart' of our base. Developing the headquarters is essential to strengthening our base!"

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General Information

  • Headquarters is the core building of the base and also the indicator of the current development stage of the base. When you upgrade your Headquarters, you can build and upgrade more resource buildings and defenses.
  • The Headquarters also functions as a small resource storage as it has the capacity to accommodate a small amount of resources. Therefore, an attacker cannot loot all your resources unless he/she destroys Headquarters as well.
  • You can enjoy the following benefits when you raise the level of the Headquarters;
    • The Headquarters HP increases.
    • More buildings can be constructed or upgraded.
    • More weapons are unlocked.
    • More battle slots in your Battle Deck.
  • Some drawbacks for a higher level HQ is as followed:
    • You need more Gas for a battle.
    • Matchmaking cost increases in the Multiplayer mode.

Unlocked Buildings

HQ Level Unlocked

*( ) means max level.


Lv. Needed

1 [NEW]

Residence, Eternium Drill, Gas Refinery, Vault, Armory, Guard Tower, Mines

2 [NEW] Gold Storage, Mines

[UPGRADE] Residence(2), Vault(2), Armory(2), Guard Tower(2), Mines(2)

3 [NEW] Residence, Eternium Storage, Mines, Laser Turret

[UPGRADE] Residence(3), Eternium Drill(2), Gold Storage(2), Vault(3), Armory(3), Mine(3), Guard Tower(3)

4 [NEW] Guard Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Residence(4), Eternium Drill(3), Eternium Storage(2), Vault(4), Armory(4), Mine(4), Guard Tower(4), Laser Turret(2,3)

5 [NEW] Gatling Tower, Eternium Drill, Gold Storage, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(2), Eternium Drill(4), Gold Storage(3), Eternium Storage(3), Vault(5), Armory(5), Mine(5), Guard Tower(5), Laser Turret(4,5)

6 [NEW] Parts Lab., Laser Turret, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(3,4), Residence(5), Armory(6), Mine(6), Guard Tower(6), Laser Turret(6)

7 [NEW] Residence, Eternium Storage, Cannon, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(5,6), Eternium Drill(5), Gold Storage(4), Eternium Storage(4), Vault(6), Armory(7), Cannon(2), Mine(7), Guard Tower(7), Laser Turret(7)

8 [NEW] Guard Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(7,8), Residence(6), Armory(8), Cannon(3,4), Mine(8), Guard Tower(8), Laser Turret(8)

9 [NEW] Gatling Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(9), Eternium Drill(6), Gold Storage(5), Eternium Storage(5), Vault(7), Armory(9), Parts Lab.(2), Cannon(5,6), Mine(9), Guard Tower(9), Laser Turret(9)

10 [NEW] Residence, Eternium Drill, Cube Storage, Patriot, Mines

[UPGRADE] Gatling Tower(10), Residence(7), Vault(8), Armory(10), Cannon(7,8), Mine(10), Guard Tower(10), Laser Turret(10)

11 [NEW] Cube Factory, Cannon, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(2), Gatling Tower(11), Eternium Drill(7), Gold Storage(6), Eternium Storage(6), Cube Storage(2), Vault(9), Armory(11), Cannon(9,10), Mine(11), Guard Tower(11), Laser Turret(11)

12 [NEW] Gold Storage, Tesla Coil, Laser Turret, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(3), Gatling Tower(12), Residence(8), Cube Factory(2,3), Cube Storage(3), Vault(10), Armory(12), Parts Lab.(3), Cannon(11,12), Mine(12), Guard Tower(12), Laser Turret(12)

13 [NEW] Gatling Tower, Guard Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(4), Tesla Coil(2), Gatling Tower(13), Eternium Drill(8), Cube Factory(4), Gold Storage(7), Eternium Storage(7), Cube Storage(4), Vault(11), Armory(13), Cannon(13), Mine(13), Guard Tower(13), Laser Turret(13)

14 [NEW] Residence, Patriot, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(5), Tesla Coil(3), Gatling Tower(14), Residence(9), Cube Factory(5), Cube Storage(5), Vault(12), Armory(14), Cannon(14), Mine(14), Guard Tower(14), Laser Turret(14)

15 [NEW] Eternium Drill, Cannon, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(6), Tesla Coil(4), Gatling Tower(15), Eternium Drill(9), Cube Factory(6), Gold Storage(8), Eternium Storage(8), Cube Storage(6), Vault(13), Armory(15), Cannon(15), Parts Lab.(4), Mine(15), Guard Tower(15), Laser Turret(15)

16 [NEW] Guard Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(7), Tesla Coil(5), Gatling Tower(16), Residence(10), Cube Factory(7), Cube Storage(7), Vault(14), Armory(16), Cannon(16), Mine(16), Guard Tower(16), Laser Turret(16)

17 [NEW] Gatling Tower, Laser Turret, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(8), Tesla Coil(6), Gatling Tower(17), Eternium Drill(10), Cube Factory(8), Gold Storage(9), Eternium Storage(9), Cube Storage(8), Vault(15), Armory(17), Cannon(17), Mine(17), Guard Tower(17), Laser Turret(17)

18 [NEW] Gold Storage, Patriot, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(9), Tesla Coil(7), Gatling Tower(18), Cube Factory(9), Cube Storage(9), Vault(16), Armory(18), Cannon(18), Mine(18), Guard Tower(18), Laser Turret(18)

19 [NEW] Eternium Storage, Tesla Coil, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(10), Tesla Coil(8), Gatling Tower(19), Cube Factory(10), Gold Storage(10), Eternium Storage(10), Cube Storage(10), Vault(17), Armory(19), Cannon(19), Mine(19), Guard Tower(19), Laser Turret(19)

20 [NEW] Guard Tower, Mines

[UPGRADE] Patriot(11), Tesla Coil(9), Gatling Tower(20), Armory(20), Cannon(20), Mine(20), Guard Tower(20), Laser Turret(20)


Unlocked Arms

HQ Level Unlocked
1 Rifleman, Single Missile
2 Multi-Rocket
3 Fighter Plane
4 Hammer
5 Scout Drone
6 Minions
8 Air Guardian
9 Rocket Shower
10 Bomber
11 Laser Girl
12 Cruise Missile
13 Dreadnought
14 Giants Missile
15 Mother Ship