Mad Rocket: Fog of War Wiki

Mulitiplayer mode unlocks when commander's level reachs 5.

Raid worldwide player!

Find a match
  • When your Commander’s level reaches 5, the Multiplayer mode will unlock where you can invade and loot bases of other players all around the world.
  • If you are matched with an opponent online through matchmaking, the player's information such as Defenses, lootable resources, and trophies will be shown up. If you are not satisfied with the match, you can find another person to be matched with by tapping the “Search” button. A certain amount of Gold is required to find another match.
  • The matching cost varies by the Commander’s level . That is to say, you need more gold to find another match if your commander’s level is high.
  • Matchmaking matches you with another player based on your Commander's level and Medals.
  • Once you choose a match, tap on the “Attack” button to begin the battle.
  • Gas is consumed when you start the battle. The amount of Gas required depends on your Headquarters level.

Victory and Defeat
  • You should get at least one War star to win a battle. If you fail to get any war star until the battle ends, you lose.
  • You can get up to three war stars in a battle.
    • One star is earned for destroying 50% of the buildings.
    • One star is earned for destroying the enemy Headquarters.
    • One star is earned for destroying 100% of the buildings. This will require you to earn the first and second star as well.
  • The number of Medals also varies by the number of stars you get.
  • When you get at least one war star, “Surrender” will be replaced with “End Battle”, and you can end the battle early regardless of the remaining Battle Time.
  • However, if you forcefully quit the game itself, you will lose the battle regardless of the number of war stars you’ve acquired.

Battle Deck
  • You can choose up to six arms to bring to a battle and those chosen units are infinitely reusable during the battle as long as the Battle Point(BP) is charged up for the needed unit. Therefore, you want to spend some time to think about your winning strategy against your enemy and come up with your best battle deck.
  • You can manage battle deck in the Armory. Available arms are shown as cards.
  • On top of the card, Battle Point(BP) is displayed. They are spent to deploy troops or to shoot Rocket Missiles on the battlefield. When enough BP is available for a certain unit, the card will light up and BP will be shown in yellow. When you don’t have enough BP, it will be shown in red.
  • Below the battle deck, you can find a gauge for the battle point. 1 BP is produced in every 1.25 seconds.
  • Cooltime is applied right after you use a card. The duration of the cooldown of each card can be found here.