General Information

  • Parts are required to upgrade Arms.
  • You can collect them by opening chests or crafting in the Parts Lab.
  • 3 different grades of parts are available and each grade consists of 3 parts.

Ground Troops

Part Name Use 
MA0 UnitLow
Common Kit Rifleman | Hammer
MA0 UnitMid

Rare Kit

Minions | Laser girl
MA0 UnitHigh

Epic Kit


ROCKET Missiles

Part Name Use 
MA0 MissileLow
Common Booster Single missile | Multi-Rocket
MA0 MissileMid

Rare Booster

Rocket shower
MA0 MissileHigh

Epic Booster

Cruise missile | Giants missile


Part Name Use 
MA0 PlaneLow
Common Engine Scout Drone  | Fighter plane
MA0 PlaneMid
Rare Engine Air guardian | Bomber
MA0 PlaneHigh
Epic Engine Mother ship


  • To get 1 Booster, you need 1 Radar.
  • To get 1 Radar, you need 1 Titanium.
  • To get 1 Titanium, you need 1 Booster.
  • To get 1 Auto Aimer, you need 30 Boosters and 15 Radars.
  • To get 1 Upgrade Kit, you need 30 Radars and 15 Titaniums.
  • To get 1 Jet Engine, you need 30 Titaniums and 15 Boosters.
  • To get 1 Broad Cylinder, you need 4 Upgrade Kits and 2 Jet Engines.
  • To get 1 Battle Laser, you need 4 Auto Aimers and 2 Upgrade Kits.
  • To get 1 Energy Reactor, you need 4 Jet Engines and 2 Auto Aimers.
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