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"Don't have enough parts? No worries! You can produce them here by crafting other parts!"

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General Information

  • The Parts Lab is where you manage parts needed for upgrade arms.
  • At the Parts Lab, you can craft parts to make another part.
  • You can build Parts Lab when your Headquarters is at level 6.
  • You can have four craft slots in the Parts Lab. After crafting a part, they have kind of cooldown time.
  • The higher the level of Parts Lab, the higher the number of craft slots.


  • You can obtain parts from various chests. For more information about the acquisition of chests and parts inside them, please see Chest.
  • You can melt parts to craft them into a new part in the Parts Lab. You need a certain amount of Gold to do so.
    • To craft a tier 3 part, you need another tier 3 part of a different type. 1000 Gold is consumed in crafting a part.
    • To craft a tier 2 part, you need tier 3 parts of two different types—15 and 30, respectively. 15000 Gold is consumed in crafting a part.
    • To craft a tier 1 part, you need tier 2 parts of two different types—2 and 4, respectively. 35000 Gold is consumed in crafting a part.

Cooldown time

  • Cooldown is applied until the next craft is available after crafting parts in a slot.
  • 270 minutes of cooldown is required after crafting a tier 1 part.