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"Residents on your island will never be late on their tax payments since they know their life depends on it

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General Information
  • Residence produces Gold until it reaches its storage capacity. Therefore, you want to collect the produced gold periodically to store them safe in the Gold Storage.
  • When a residence is destroyed in a battle, 50% of the uncollected gold will be taken by enemy. This means that the more resources that you have uncollected, the easier to become a target.
  • When you upgrade your Residence, any uncollected Gold will be automatically saved. However, if the Gold Storage is full at the moment of upgrade, the uncollected gold will be lost.
  • Residence stops producing gold when its being upgraded.
  • The hourly gold production rate of the residence depends on its level. In other words, the higher the residence level, the higher the hourly production rate will be.