Mad Rocket: Fog of War Wiki
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"Shield prevent attacks from others. Shields aren't affected by browsing targets in Multiplayer or Revenge, but they will shorten if you start an attack."

General Information
  • Shield is a temporary period of safety from enemy attacks. While under the protection of the shield, other players will not be able to attack your base. It is activated when:
    • At the start of the game, all players begin with a 23 hours shield. 
    • When the Commander level is 5 or lower.
    • Automatically after being the victim of a opponent's raid(based on count of war stars).
    • Purchased with Gems.
  • If you attack another player while the shield is in effect, the duration of your shield is shortened. The same thing happens if you take revenge while your shield is in effect.
  • Single player campaign is not effect for shield's shorten.

Automatic Shield
  • When your base is destroyed by an opponent's attack, Shield is activated based on the count of war stars.
    • The Opponent get 1 war star, 5 hours shield is awarded.
    • The Opponent get 2 war star, 6 hours 30 minutes shield is awarded.
    • The Opponent get 3 war star, 8 hours shield is awarded.
  • However, if you are defeated by the opponent's revenge, the shield time is as follows.
    • 1 war star: 4h shield
    • 2 war star: 5h 30m shield
    • 3 war star: 7h shield

Buying Shield
  • You can also buy shields form the shop with Gems, If you purchase a shield while you have activated shield, the purchased shield time is added to your current shield time.
  • Purchased shields have a cooldown period.
    • The 1-day shield has a 5 days cooldown.
    • The 3-day shield has a 10 days cooldown.
    • The 7-day shield has a 35 days cooldown.